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Misconceptions of ceiling installation easily presented in home decoration
In the ancient family decoration, the ceiling device has become an indispensable part. The right time can make the whole leisure, become fashionable and noble, and the heavy ceiling will make the opposite effect, will become thick and suppressed. Because in ancient times, a few people thought that they could suspend the ceiling in any room type and space, and they thought that the thicker the ceiling, the better the quality. This was wrong. The original device of suspension ceiling was not very familiar with.
1. The thicker the ceiling, the better.
Today's ceiling bathroom and kitchen with more aluminum buckle board, living room mostly can be made into many shapes of gypsum. Many customers will weigh the weight with their hands when choosing the aluminium fastener. The heavier the aluminium fastener, the better the quality. It is not known that the lighter the aluminum fastener, the higher the purity of aluminum, the better the quality, and the more durable it is. As for the gypsum board in the living room, the thickness is usually 9 centimeters. If the thickness is higher, the weight of the gypsum board is larger, which will increase the pressure of the ceiling keel and slow down its deformation and fall.
2. No overhaul of ceiling
Customers who have used the ceiling for many years know that if a good brand of ceiling is chosen and the installation process is adopted, the ceiling will not be damaged in general. Therefore, most of the ceiling do not need to leave a repair opening. Aluminum clasps are mostly used in kitchen and toilet ceiling nowadays. It can be easily assembled in blocks without leaving a repair opening. If the elevation has water circuit joints, local air conditioning pipelines, etc., it is necessary to keep the overhaul opening. This is rare in kitchens and bathrooms. Living room ceiling is usually wired, but these lines usually have no joints, so in the ceiling only need to ensure that the wiring position of the lamp head is exposed, and there is no need for repair.
3. The plasterboard joints in the living room are not filled, leaving gaps.
In fact, if the gap between two gypsum boards is filled with putty, it will easily crack in the future. There will be errors in the ceiling device and putty leveling is needed. It is suggested that the crack between the two gypsum boards can be left, and then the anti-cracking treatment can be stopped with the sticker. Such disposal, even in the event of weather changes, there will be thermal expansion and contraction, there will be no cracks.
4. Misuse of wooden keel in ceiling.
Nowadays, light steel keel is commonly used in home decoration. The quality of light steel keel is good and it has many advantages. Compared with light steel keel, wooden keel is not strong enough and bears less weight than light steel keel. But some special conditions still need wooden keel. I recommend polishing wood to avoid burrs causing leaks in fire-retardant paint. If it is in a humid environment, such as bathroom and kitchen, it is necessary to add anti-corrosive paint. In the center of the flower house and animal husbandry, we need to consider the results of insect control. In sauna houses, wooden keel with high water content is used as ceiling.
5. Any type of room and space can be ceiling.
Some rooms have lower floor height, so it is not recommended to make ceiling. If the ceiling is suspended, it will appear that there is no time for lower, in such an environment will appear very suppressed. In addition to cooperating with the style of home decoration and setting off the decorative effect, hanging ceiling also has a function of hiding ugliness and improving aesthetics. Regarding the bedroom above and below 2.7 meters, if you want to hang the ceiling, you usually use gypsum board to decorate the fake beams and so on. When disposing of toilets, it is generally recommended to brush waterproof paint indirectly on pipes.
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