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Jinan Junda Decoration Co., Ltd. Checks Six Family Decoration Illusions for You
1. Water and electricity maps are of little use after they have been renovated.
And the reality is that without hydroelectric maps, it's really going to be a big deal!
After finishing the decoration, if the effect of home decoration is not satisfactory, I want to stop disposing of it. In this case, nails or boreholes must be drilled against the wall. But in the situation of not knowing the status of water and electricity circuit, it is very risky to rush into work. In the case of indoor water and electricity paralysis, in the case of serious, it endangers personal safety.
1. After the completion of hydropower transformation, the risk of losing water and electricity drawings and photographs will be increased with the passage of time.
2. Contact the decoration company for water and electricity maps. Professional decoration companies, such as Dongguan Luban, will record the hydroelectric maps of customers'houses into CD-ROMs, one will be returned to the owners, and one will be deposited in Luban Archives, so that owners can come to collect them at any time in the future and minimize the risks.
2. The socket should be enough.
The reality is completely inadequate!
I believe that many owners have such experience: want to lie on the bed charging while playing with mobile phones, but found that the socket is basically not here; the husband is ready to go home to work, but still for the first time using rice cooker or health pot pot pot pot pot pot and soup and tangled.
Before doing decoration, we must consider thoroughly. Which appliances will be used in the whole space, which areas will be used in which appliances, whether several appliances will be used at the same time, or even to design the socket position according to the current furniture to be arranged in advance.
3. Double-control switch is unnecessary. It wastes money.
Imagine that after a busy day, you are too sleepy to open your eyes, but you have to get up from bed and turn off the bedroom lights. Or maybe in winter, you spend half an hour warming up your bed, but before you go to bed, you have to leave your bed and turn off the lights at the door.
The bedroom must be double-controlled switch! In reality, the dual-control switch is not complicated, that is, two or more switches are used to control the same lamp. In this way, there are switches at the door and beside the bed, and the lights in the room can be turned off at any time before bedtime, so the quality of life will be improved a lot.
4. Lighting only needs to be beautiful.
Before decoration, they were fooled by the brilliant effect of lamps and lanterns. After a few times of novelty, they didn't work very well and cost a lot. In addition, the more delicate lamps and lanterns, the more time they spent to take care of them.
To be beautiful, but also applicable, soft-fitting must be selected according to the style of the household, not to demand luxury and gorgeousness. There is no best choice, as long as the most appropriate choice!
5. Seeing beautiful furniture, it's a good fit for your house.
Visit to see the overall effect, did not have a good grasp of the size of furniture, until the purchase of furniture landing found, how to look at the vertical are awkward. This dilemma not only extends to everyday use, but also affects the whole beauty.
1. Before decoration, we should plan the dust removal and status of furniture to prevent such a dilemma.
2. Choose excellent home furnishing company and complete customized furniture, which is not only beautiful and applicable, but also consistent with the atmosphere of the whole space.
6. Open kitchen can be built in one's own household
Open kitchen itself is a very good design, but many people in the decision to adopt the design of open kitchen, will underestimate or even neglect the design will bring soot results. The consequence is that there is not enough power to choose the lampblack machine, causing the whole indoor lampblack soaring when cooking.
Or that sentence, there is no best, as long as the most appropriate. When considering the choice of open kitchen, we must communicate with the designer about the structure of the apartment and humbly follow the advice of professionals.
In summary, all the above-mentioned Jinan Junda Decoration Co., Ltd. provides, want to know more about Jinan Home Decoration Co., Ltd. Welcome to pay attention to our website: http://www.jundazhuangshi.com Thank you for your support!

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