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Teach you how to decorate furniture.
Furniture selection
Furniture is an important factor to show the whole decoration style. Furniture selection is a very important link. Nowadays most furniture companies will not sell furniture to you. Maybe they will recommend furniture brands to you. If so, you should pay attention to them for the reasons mentioned above. Planners will advocate the criteria for furniture selection for you. Here are the following criteria for selecting furniture for us.
Choosing furniture and adjusting styles is a must. Suitable decorative style together, but also pay attention to whether the furniture material is environmentally friendly, otherwise, the environmental protection of the painstaking decoration room, will be a non-environmentally friendly furniture damage the indoor air quality. Many furniture looks beautiful, but the formaldehyde overexpenditure is severe, placed indoors, it becomes a poison gas bomb, and the damage will not disappear in a moment and a half, so it is necessary to choose furniture carefully to pay attention to this point. If we are not sure, we can choose the least density plate, such as glass, solid wood and so on. But now the furniture on the market is still dominated by density boards, so we are still careful to choose.
Besides environmental protection, it is easy to arrange, and some furniture planning is not easy to clean and clean. For example, the tea table, the bottom of which is just too high to mop, will be a little laborious when wiping the floor. This is good, it can move. If the bed is not easy to move, it is not easy to do, and it is not easy to move, so it can only endure the bed accumulation. It's grey. There are also raw materials, some raw materials look beautiful, but the use of a period of time, may be due to dust and other issues, clean, this should also be noted.
The wardrobe has talked about this before, and we should be able to make it on the spot. If there is no decoration company to make on-site, then the preferred customized furniture, in addition to the selection of plate environmental protection, is to see the planning details of customized furniture, installation technology level. Ultimately, it can ensure that after installation, no gap can be left between the wardrobe and the wall, and the gap should be sealed with sealant. Make sure that they are cleaner and healthier and do not accumulate dust in crevice. Some worms like woodlouse spiders are recruited. Some products of the wardrobe, is the most impossible to choose, although some solid wood furniture is very valuable, but not a trial use in the room of high cost-effective furniture. Do not advocate the selection of furniture, regardless of price.
If bookcase does not entrust decoration company to plan and manufacture, it also advocates the purchase of customized furniture, the same principle as wardrobe, customized time, height is best to the roof, but the upper space is planned as a suspension cabinet for storage, not only increases storage space, but also will become cleaner and more environmentally friendly, so as not to accumulate dust on the top. Once the summer ventilation, the dust will blow dirty, is not conducive to respiratory health.
Television cabinets and tea tables, this is about to buy products and furniture, as long as environmental protection standards, in line with the decorative planning style, I like it.
Sofa selection, if now fabric sofa, it is necessary to consider the cleaning problem, every visible surface, it is best to be able to easily replace the dismantling and washing. Choose leather or PU sofa, there is no problem of fabric cleaning, but be aware that once scratched, it is not simple to correct.
It is better to choose solid wood for dining table and chair. Besides environmental protection, it is also robust and economical, and the weight will not be too heavy, so it is convenient to move. Desks can choose their favorite shapes and materials, and we can understand them by ourselves.
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