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Furnishing Characteristics of Large Household Decoration Design in Jinan
As the national economy becomes stronger and stronger, the country pays more attention to design, and people's aesthetic appreciation gradually loses its promotion. At the same time, the aesthetic requirements of living quarters become more stringent. People's living environment is like a mirror, the extension and self-cultivation of a group, and even the aesthetic power of a country can be reflected through Jinan home decoration design, thus showing the physical appearance of the people.
The concept of home is very important for any group. It plays the role of a haven. A high-quality medium-sized and large household decoration seems to be a delicate work of art, making people relaxed and happy while living. At the same time, the interior design can also reflect the unique living habits and cultural characteristics of the outside world, so the residence becomes a microcosm of regional civilization. In addition, in addition to the "inherent beauty" and "inherent beauty" are also extremely important. The design of household structure, together with the use of innovative new building materials and advanced decoration technology, combined with the changes of light and shadow, has greatly improved people's living experience. Designers must master excessive criteria in the design process, show warm, fashionable and diversified style on the basis of waste of space and applicability, and show the common denotation of large and medium-sized household design categories. It makes the choice of materials, the collocation of colors and the overall layout seamless, and improves people's quality of life.
One of the characteristics of large and medium-sized households is that the area is comparatively small. Some people who are single outside will choose to live in a "snail house". If in a narrow room, coupled with some necessary household appliances and furniture, people's activities in the room will be greatly limited, and their visual perception will feel comparable congestion.
Although the sparrow is small, it has five internal organs. After careful design, this type of apartment can also live comfortably and freely. Secondly, it is aimed at groups with less affluent economic conditions (the majority of the elderly), couples (elderly couples) or elderly people living alone. They need emotional support and supplement from their living environment. This requires designers to create a design style that may be vulgar, quiet, fashionable and lively, or warm pastoral according to the needs of users. Consistent with the current artistic aesthetics, at the same time, we should think comprehensively for the well-being and safety of the residents. We should be good at considering how we can "expand" our horizons, make progress and relax excessively, make use of space more abundantly, and improve the cost-effectiveness of households. Create more ancient dwelling places. Usually people tend to live in a fluctuating and broad space, indoor cleanliness, ventilation posture and health are not related, all need one-sided guarantee. The layout of the room affects the rhythm and order of life. The traditional Chinese people have a higher requirement for the living room area. The indoor layout follows the criterion of "less is more". Complicated and stingy, strive for high quality, high "face value" living space.
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